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Changla Pass in Leh

You just cannot ignore the beautiful mountains as you take a tour to Leh. Leh is also famous for the passes that only add up to the beauty of this place. There are beautiful passes present in this city that you can visit while your stay in Leh.

Changla Pass in Leh

Changla Pass is one such famous pass located in the Ladakh in Leh district. Let us take a tour of this pass with our exclusive article.

History of Changla Pass

The snow capped Changla Pass literally means “move in the south” or “move towards south” as the word “Chang” means south. It is believed by the local people of this place that there was a saint named Changla Baba who used to reside near this pass. He was known for his supernatural powers and since he was believed to have resided there this pass is named after him. A temple exists near the pass and the temple is a tribute to this saint who lived near the pass for years. Locals believe that this temple is an abode to supernatural powers which the saint possessed and this attracts many tourists to visit this pass.

Present Day Scenario of Changla Pass

Changla Pass is protected and maintained by the Indian Army at present. Since this pass is in close proximity with the Chinese border Indian Army needs to look after this pass. Whoever pays a visit to this pass is warmly welcomed by the Indian Army. They also serve hot tea to their guests. The road leading to Changla Pass allows access throughout the year but sometimes you will find this road closed due to accumulation of snow. It is advised to know about the road condition before traveling to Changla Pass. Since this pass is located at a higher altitude you will face certain problems while your visit to this pass and hence you will need to undertake certain precautions before visiting this place. You will note that due to higher altitude and chilly climate you will face oxygen problem.

Around the Changla Pass

If you decide to stay in the pass for longer time then you must carry an oxygen cylinder. It has been seen that many travellers experience breathlessness when they visit this pass. Another important factor which you need to keep in your mind while travelling to this area is proper clothing. You must wear warm clothes to avoid getting frozen in the chilly weather. You must ensure that your ears are covered with mufflers so that you avoid catching cold. Special shoes are available which you need to wear before going to this pass. There is nothing much to see in this pass apart from the beauty of the snow capped mountains. Half an hour is more than enough for you to capture the entire beauty of this place. You must note all these points before travelling to Changla Pass and then there will be just no barriers between your enjoyments.

Other Attractions near Changla Pass

The most amazing and interesting site apart from the Changla Pass is the view of Pangong Lake. When visiting Changla Pass you cannot afford to miss the amazing view of Pangong Lake. Another tourist spot near Changla Pass is Phuktal Monastery which is 8.3 km away from this pass. This is a Buddhist monastery governed by Buddhist monks that provides an exciting tourist spot.

At Changla Pass

Location of Changla Pass

This Pass is the highest mountain pass located in Leh district. When you visit Leh from Pangong Lake then Changla Pass comes in your way. The 134 km long road from Leh to Pangong Lake witnesses the presence of this pass. This pass is located at an elevation of 17,590 ft above sea level and is famous for its beautiful view. The main gateway to the Himalayan Plateau Changthang is this pass. The beauty of this pass increases since this pass is covered with snow throughout the year.

How to Reach Changla Pass

There are many ways by which one can travel to this place. The different modes of transport are mentioned. You can choose any one of the option according to your convenience.

By Air: Leh Airport is the nearest airport from this place. It is 36.5 km away from Changla Pass. You can easily get Jeep services for travelling to this place from Leh.

By Train: Jammu Railway Station is the nearest railway station of Leh. You can get bus services from this station to Leh.

When you think of visiting Ladakh don’t miss the beauty of this amazing pass. The spectacular views from this region will leave any visitor speechless. Thus if you miss this view then it will only add up to your disappointment of missing something amazing. So don’t forget to visit Changla Pass at any cost.

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