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Dha Village in Leh

In the wonderful arctic magic land of Ladakh, there lies a cluster of villages called the Brokpa villages which have shielded themselves against intruders for centuries. In fact even now only Dha village is open for tourists and it is possible to see descendants of the pure Indo Aryan race in this village.

Dha Village in Leh

The Valley which contains this village is called the Dhahanu valley and it lies up to 163 km to the North Western direction of Leh. As Dha is at a lower altitude than Leh it is slightly warmer.

History of Dha Village

The Dha Village is almost exclusively populated by the Drokpa community who are an Aryan line which has descended straight from Europe. For many years the Dropka community has tried to preserve the purity of their blood by marrying within their tribesmen and doing their best to retain the colorful distinguished culture that pervaded the Dha village. The Dha village is markedly absent of the Indo-Mongolian featured people that populate every corner of Ladakh.

History of Dha Village

In the 4th century the great ruler and conqueror Alexander the Great invaded north India. Some of the Greek soldiers from his army decided to settle down in Ladakh. This community had gradually expanded and formed villages of which Dha Village is also a member.

Another viewpoint is that the Dha village contains tribesmen who have descended from the Dards who are one of the few pure Aryan races.

Culture of Dha Village

The Dha Village is filled with people who were an unique costume made with feathers, fur, silver and beads. This costume is passed on from generation to generation and is fiercely protected.
The Dropka tribesmen stay in the Dha Village and they follow a peculiar set of customs which are completely alien to the traditional environment of Ladakh. People here kiss in public places, openly display affection and wear all sorts of elaborate headgear. Wife swapping, love marriages, permissive dating and a predominantly open culture generally found in European nations prevail here.
Animal husbandry, agricultural cultivation and trade activities form the bread and butter of Dha village. The rare animals like Tibetan antelope and the elusive Snow Leopard are found in the exclusive terrain near the Dha Village

Culture of Dha Village in Leh

The Dha Village is also famous for the rare knowledge on medicinal plants that its inhabitants possess. The residents still speak in a rare language called Shina and they don’t mingle much with outsiders.
Apricots and luscious apples are produced along with lovely black grapes in Dha village. There are tomato fields and an exquisite array of flowers in Dha Village. Walnuts and orchids dot the colorful little village of Dha.

The official religion of Dha villagers is Buddhism though they have a different permissive culture. The villagers have their own celestial array of Gods and Goddesses who are unique to this community. The women living in Dha village are always found dressed with a flowery head gear.

How and When to Travel to Dha Village

The nearest airport is Srinagar airport and it will take you more than 5 hours to reach Dha village from there. You can hire a car from Leh and travel for 163 kms to reach Dha Village. Be aware that this is disputed land and you will require military permission to visit this village. The best time to go there is between the months of June to September.

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