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Galdan Namchot Festival in Ladakh

Galdan Namchot Festival is a social cum religious event celebrated in Ladakh region. The main reason for celebrating this event is the birth anniversary of Buddhahood of Tsangkhapa the Tibetan Scholar who discovered the Gelukpa School of Tibet in the 14th century. This festival takes place during the months of December though the date varies year to year according to the Tibetan calendar. 

About Galdan Namchot Festival

About Galdan Namchot Festival

The common people residing in Ladakh lives a very ordinary life and the festivals that take place throughout the year is just a relief for them. Ladakh is famous for all the Buddhist festivals. Galdan Namchot Festival is one such festival that takes place in all the monasteries of Ladakh. The unique feature of this festival is that during this festival all the housing complexes as well as the monasteries lit up with colorful lights.

This festival marks the beginning of a year and the entire festival continues till the Dosmoche Festival. Another famous custom of this festival is that during the festival residents of Ladakh prepare traditional food items. Among these traditional food items ‘Thukpa’ is a must. This is a vegetable combined with mutton noodles soup. Relatives and closed ones visit each other during these days and the festive mood of the people goes high.

Details of Galdan Namchot Festival

During the Galdan Namchot FestivalAll the ceremonies during this festival are performed by the head monk of the monasteries. It is believed that the head monk holds some special power within him and hence it is always a good sign if the head starts with the ceremony.

The head monk sits on a chair located centrally in the courtyard of the monastery. All the other monks surround the head monk and sit either on the mattress or on chairs.

The monks surround the head monk according to their hierarchy. The head monk starts reciting the prayers also known as “mantras”. Soon after this, all the other monks start reciting the same chants after the head monk. The masked dance form is almost there in all ritual and hence this masked dance starts soon. The head monk goes on with his prayers depicting the importance of this masked dance in Buddhist culture.

Galdan Namchot Festival in Delhi

This is really an amazing fact that in the year 2013 this festival was celebrated in Delhi. The students of Ladakh Students Welfare Society in Delhi decided to celebrate this festival in the New Year. This started on 27th December, 2013. Monks from Ladakh were invited and the chants offered by these monks marked the beginning of the festival in Delhi. The President of Ladakh was also present to witness the festival. The President along with the head Lama gave speech on the importance of this festival. At the end of the festival the students lit candles and butter lamps to keep the tradition of lighting in the festival.

Galdan Namchot Festival

Our article is the best place to know about this famous festival and this is the place where you can find all details about Galdan Namchot Festival. We hope that you will enjoy this festival and after reading this article you will definitely want to witness this festival. Plan a trip to Ladakh and enjoy this magnificent festive mood of Ladakh. Any other suggestion about this festival is warmly welcomed.

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