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Ladakh Festival

During the Ladakh Festival

Apart from the snow capped mountains another exciting feature of Ladakh that attracts tourists is the festivals of Ladakh. Ladakh, a place solely driven by the Buddhist culture and tradition is famous for different festivals. There are festivals that take place in Ladakh throughout the year. Our article deals with the exclusive Ladakh Festival.

About Ladakh Festival

This famous festival of Ladakh is organized every year. Ladakh festival is the result of an initiative taken by the Jammu & Kashmir tourism department along with the district Government’s collaboration. This famous festival takes place in Ladakh for 15 long days.  You can witness the different aspects of Ladakh’s heritage and culture once you visit this festival.

Involvement of Local People during Ladakh Festival

During these 15 days local people of Ladakh thoroughly enjoy themselves in the festive spirit. They get involved in this festival and sportingly take part in all rituals and customs. Special performances by local people also take place during this festival.

Performance during the Ladakh Festival

Local people starts practicing their portion a much before the commencement of the program. The excitement of the local people for this festival can be seen easily once you visit Ladakh during this time of the year.

Starting of Ladakh Festival

This festival continues till 15 days. According to our calendar this festival takes place from 1st to 15th September. The commencement of the festival marks with a procession. This procession involves people from all communities. They march in a procession singing and dancing. People taking part in this ceremony dresses in new vibrant colored clothes. The traditional orchestra plays and participants of this procession involves in dancing along with the tune played. The carnival atmosphere increases more when people from the procession lines up in the route. It is a beautiful scenario since people standing in the line wears vibrant colored clothes. The procession ends up in the Polo ground where local people involve in the folk dances.

Highlights of Ladakh Festival

Throughout the 15 days local people as well people who come from different parts of the world involve in different activities. There are various sports option like polo and archery.  Dance performances and folk song is also an important feature of this ceremony. There is also an arrangement of a musical concert and artists from various parts of the country come to perform. The sole reason of this festival is to promote the richness of Ladakh. This festival gives you an amazing opportunity to witness different famous attributes of Ladakh in a short span of time. Ladakh is rich in its own heritage and culture.

lLadakh Festival

Once you visit this festival it will be easier for you to learn about these aspects of Ladakh and witness them from a closer proximity. Art and Handicraft which is also a famous part of Ladakh can also be witnessed properly during this festival. This initiative is one of the best programs that is organised by the tourism department of Jammu and Kashmir.

Our article provides with all the details about Ladakh Festival and we hope that after reading this article you will definitely take a tour of this place during this time. Although, the sad part is this year Ladakh festival has been cancelled by the tourism department of Jammu and Kashmir. The natural calamity in Jammu & Kashmir is the sole reason behind this cancellation and the Government has taken this step in order to provide safety to the tourists. However you can surely visit this festival next year.

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