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Lakes of Ladakh

The lakes of Ladakh have attracted tourist since ages because of their exotic appeal. Most lakes in the Ladakh area are salt water lakes and there are not many facilities for boating and other commercial tourism activities.

Lakes in Ladakh

Still nature lovers and discerning travelers are drawn to these places where they can sit and bask in the natural beauty and take in the stillness and tranquility of these lakes.

Lake Kyaghar in Ladakh

The Lake Kyaghar was incidentally discovered by a bunch of tourists as they were trekking to the north of the Tso Moriri Lake. Kyaghar Lake is a comparatively small sized lake which is 2 miles long. The width of the lake is 1 mile while the average depth is 67 feet. Geologists have tested the water of this lake and declared it to be extremely brackish and not fit for consumption. This lake is supposed to owe its formation due to water overflow when one huge glacier from the ice age melted.

Lake Kyaghar in Ladakh

Lake Kyaghar is relatively untouched by tourist activities and it has a serene beauty that is deeply appreciable. You can sit on its banks for ages admiring the white fan tailed ducks playing in the aquamarine waters of the lake. The principal attraction of the place is the beautiful camping ground of Kiangdum.

How to Reach: You can reach the Kyaghar Lake while travelling from Ladakh towards Spiti in Himachal Pradesh. This lake is 12 km to the northern direction of TsoMorari Lake.

Thatsangkaru Lake in Ladakh

The Himalayan mountain system is one of the most dynamic natural systems of the world. There is always a constant building process going on via dislocation of rocks, melted glaciers, formation of new river terraces and lakes etc. The Chanthang Plateau has undergone many such geological changes leading to the formation of Thatsangkaru Lake.

Unlike the usual white sands of Ladakh, this Lake has golden shining sand dotting its banks. The sands are however shifting and are not very suitable for parking vehicles. About 1 km away from the banks of the Lake there is a new camping ground that has opened for the convenience of Trekkers who come to visit the place. Nomadic tents dot the landscape nearby where you can easily stop by to sip on the unique butter tea. There are also herds of Pashmina goats around which you can see and photograph.

Thatsangkaru Lake in Ladakh

How to reach: The Thatsangkaru Lake can be reached via the KhardungLa Pass and then a ride of 12 km  towards the lake. The Thatsangkaru is at an average elevation of 4500 meters and has a depth of 62 feet.

Pangong Lake in Ladakh

Pangong Lake in Ladakh is one of the most well known saltwater lakes. It’s so huge that it spills across the borders of Ladakh into the territory of Tibet. The 2000 Square kilometer of sparkling blue water is a delight to the tourists. The specialty of this lake is its humungous size and the exotic migratory birds visit this lake between June to September.

Tso Moriri Lake in Ladakh

The Tso Moriri Lake has often been referred to as the “Inland Sea” by geologists. This is the highest elevation lake in Ladakh which is at a height of 4900 meters. The dimension of the lake is 22 km * 7 km. The water of this lake solidifies to shining ice in the winters and it is actually possible for humans to walk across it. The green camping ground of Karzok is situated nearby this lake.

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