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Magnetic Hill in Leh

If someone is asked to mention about few hill stations of India, the first name that comes to most of the people’s mind is Leh. Magnetic Hill is a famous hill top of Leh. The most important reason for it being so famous is its name and the origin of such a name. Let us have a look on the unknown mysteries behind such a naming convention!

About Magnetic Hill

When one visits Leh then it is obvious that he will find different types of hill tops in this region as this region is higher in altitude. Magnetic Hill is one such type of hill located in Leh. This hill is a very famous mountain and often known as “Gravity Hill”.

Magnetic Hill in Leh

This hill is 30 km away from Leh and is known to be located 11,000 feet above the sea level.

History of Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill which is also known as “Gravity Hill” is believed to have some impossible properties. This hill is believed to have unimaginable magnetic powers that tend to pull cars and vehicles towards it. Vehicles without any ignition in their engine have been seen moving in this hill top. Not only cars and vehicles but aircrafts and helicopters also feel the same magnetic pull. This phenomenon has been differently explained by locals. The local people even claim that this phenomenon is supernatural and hence God himself comes down in this hill to move cars. Although these myths surrounds this hilly place but the reason behind this unnatural moving of the cars is very scientific.

History of Magnetic Hill

The main reason behind such an abnormal sight is optical illusion. The nearby areas of this place create an optical illusion that shows the downhill slopes to be an uphill slope. Hence a car left without gear and ignition will tend to roll uphill.

Views of Today about Magnetic Hill

Government of Leh has put up a board in front of this hill in order to attract more tourists. The board clearly explains the magnetic phenomenon of this place. The board asks people to park their vehicles in a particular area marked and then they can see the magic. Guides and local people associate this scientific property to some supernatural forces that drive the vehicles.

Towards the Magnetic Hill

Today, loads of supernatural stories are building up encircling this hill and it provides an additional advantage for local people to attract more tourists this way. Such hills with a special kind of magnetic power has been noticed in several parts of the country but it is believed that in India there is only one such hill with such an amazing property.

Nearby Places to Visit from Magnetic Leh

Gurudwara Pathar Sahib in Leh is a famous Gurudwara that can be visited from Magnetic Hill since it takes only 2.8 km to travel to this place. This Gurudwara attracts people mostly because there is a flood of water that flows like a sudden burst of rain from the mountains.

At the Magnetic Hill

Places to Eat nearby Magnetic Hill

Tea Tent an exotic tea cafe is just 8.3 km away from this Magnetic Hill and one can enjoy the lip smacking hot tea when one visits this place. This place is also a famous and crowded place since this is the only tea cafe available in that area where people often search for a suitable tea spot.

How to reach Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill is just 18.4 km away from Leh Airport. One can easily take a cab or drive a car himself to visit this place. When one visit this place in their own vehicle then it becomes easier for them to witness the magnetic power of the hill.

When one take a tour of Leh then it is highly recommended that they do not miss a chance to see how the supernatural entities come down to drive their cars.

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