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Phyang Monastery in Leh

What is the most exciting part of paying a visit to Leh and Ladakh? Yes, the answer off course is the snow capped mountains. But have you ever thought what else can be more exciting! The next best thing of Leh is the presence of so many wonderful monasteries which just cannot be skipped when one tours Leh.

Phyang Monastery

Phyang Monastery is an outstanding example of a typical Tibetan Buddhist monastery. This monastery is renowned for its architecture as well as for it location and historical background. Let us take a closer look to this monastery!

About Phyang Monastery

Monasteries are a common sight when one visits Leh. Phyang Monastery is one such example of a typical Buddhist monastery. This monastery is about 15 km away from the main city of Leh and is situated in a peaceful area away from the shores of the city. This monastery was believed to be constructed in the year 1515 and is one of the oldest Monasteries in Leh city.

History of Phyang Monastry

There are certain myths about the establishment of this monastery and no exact history has been observed. The place where the hill now stands is the same place which was offered to Damma Kunga and with him started the teaching practise of Buddhism in Ladakh. Some say this monastery was founded by him and a community that was created by him. While some people believe this fact others believe that this monastery was founded by a king named Tashi Namgyal whose reign continued till the 16th century. The exact founder of this monastery is still a mystery to people but it is highly believed that these were either of the sources for the existence of this monastery.

History of Phyang Monastery

This monastery as mentioned earlier is one of the oldest monasteries of Leh. Phyang Monastery contains different frescos belonging to the Royal Period. These frescos show the different histories associated to the Royal Period. The monastery contains sacred shrines inside it that people can take a look. Phyang Monastery also has a 900 year old museum inside it that contains different idols of Buddhism religion and also weapons used by the Tibetan soldiers during war. The museum also preserves some of the jewellery items used by the Royals.

Appearance of Phyang Monastery

This monastery serves home for nearly hundred monks. The monastery has houses of schools where monks teach the Buddhism religion along with modern education to people. The monastery consists of an old temple of Mahakala that was built during the foundation of the monastery. Buddhists are believers in this temple and they keep a faith about this within themselves.

Festive Mood of Phyang Monastery

Festivals at Phyang Monastery

The yearly festival of this monastery is The Gang-SngonTsedup. This festival is celebrated from the 17th to 19th day of the 1st month of the Tibetan Calendar. Phyang monastery serves as a place for their sacred dances but there is a particular time of the year where they actually allow this form of dance inside the monastery campus. 2nd day and the 3rd day of the 6th month of the Tibetan Calendar is reserved by the Phyang Monastery for this sacred dance.

Timing and Entry Details of Phyang Monastery

The entry fee of this monastery is Rs 20 per person and timings are from 8 am to 6 pm in all days of the week. The best time to visit this monastery is during the festive season of the monastery. People can enjoy the festive mood of this monastery and also enjoy the sacred dances.

Nearby Places to See from Phyang Monastery 

The Royal Palace of Leh is 2.3 km away from this monastery. This Palace is also known as Stok Palce and is not only famous for its Royal cultures but also famous for a museum that is associated with this Royal Palace. This Palace can be an exciting tour for the tourists.

Nearby Markets to Shop from Phyang Monastery

Leh Main Market is 1.4 km away from this monastery and gives an exciting option for people who like to shop. People get an amazing collection of Leh and Ladakh’s exclusive items. People can shop according to their needs and also collect few items from those that are exclusive in Leh.

Around Phyang Monastery

Places to Eat nearby Phyang Monastery

KC Garden Cafe an exotic coffee shop is located just 1.8 km away from Phyang Monastery and is a place where people can enjoy their lip smacking coffee. This shop also provides an option of many other lip smacking dishes. This place thus proves to be an amazing attraction for tourist and a great place where tourists can hang out.

Hotels Nearby Phyang Monastery

A famous hotel Spic-n-Span that assures a comfortable stay is 3.2 km away from Phyang Monastery. This place provides with different services which are useful for tourist staying there. There is an attached kitchen to this Hotel that serves as the food parlour for people staying in the Hotel.

How to reach Phyang Monastery

This monastery is 3.2 km away from the Leh Airport. One can easily hire a cab for travelling to this place from the Leh airport. This place is well connected by other modes of transport like road and train. The nearest railway station is Jammu Railway Station from the city of Leh.

The visit to this monastery is highly recommended to people visiting Leh since this place offers a lot to be seen and captured in memories. People who visit Leh are advised to visit the monasteries and once they decide to visit all the monasteries Phyang Monastery is not to be missed at any cost.

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