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Prayer Wheel in Leh

Prayer Wheel is a sign of Buddhist culture and religion. This is generally made up of stone, leather, wood or any other metal. Prayer Wheel is a cylindrical shaped object and the presence of this marks the dominance of Buddhist culture in an area.

Prayer Wheels in Leh

Prayer Wheels are generally seen in the Buddhist areas mainly in Buddhist monasteries, palaces or any other places. Prayer Wheels are a common sight in Leh district. As we take a tour of Leh we get used to the different types of Prayer Wheels. The sacred rhyme of the Buddhist religion “Om Mani Padme Hum” is engraved in the Prayer Wheel which means devoid of negative feelings from one’s heart.

History behind Prayer Wheel

Earlier the concept of Prayer Wheel was not into a practise. Gautam Buddha taught his disciples about “turning the wheel of Dharma”, it was from this phase the idea of a Prayer Wheel originated. Buddhist people thought that by turning the Prayer Wheel they will follow their teacher Lord Buddha and his sayings. Buddhists thought that it is not possible for everyone to read the sacred rhymes of their religion.

Hand Prayer Wheel

There are many illiterate people who follow Buddhism as their religion and it is not possible for them to read the rhymes. Hence they started the practice of Prayer Wheel thinking that by rotating the Prayer Wheel it will be easier for illiterate followers of Buddhism to associate them with their religion.

Prayer Wheel Types and related Practices

People of Tibet or people belonging to the Buddhist religion believe that Prayer Wheel is a token for collecting wisdom and to purify oneself from any sort of negative vibes. It is a common practise for the Buddhist people to spin the Prayer Wheel in the clockwise direction, in the direction of the Sun and also in the direction in which the sacred rhyme is written.

About Prayer Wheels

Spinning the Wheel anticlockwise is a sign of bad omen for the Buddhist People. There are many types of Prayer Wheel that is commonly seen. Mani Wheel that is seen mostly is turned around by chords. Water Wheel is turned around by the flow of water. Fire Wheel is turned around by any light source, this light source can be fire.

Prayer Wheels seen in Leh

Leh being a place for the Buddhists have many Prayer Wheels located in almost each and every place. Monks generally place the Prayer Wheels in the temples, monasteries, schools. In Leh, Prayer Wheels are an obvious sight that attracts people. It is found in almost all the monasteries that are located in the district. Some monasteries and palaces where we can witness Prayer wheels are mentioned. Phyang Monastery located 40 km away from Leh has many Prayer Wheels inside them. There are nearly hundred monasteries in Leh and almost each monastery consists of Prayer Wheels.

Places where Prayer Wheels are seen in Leh

Presence of Prayer Wheel is considered to be a good sign and marks the absence of any negative vibes. Other monasteries in Leh also have Prayer Wheels inside them. You can see Prayer Wheels at Royal Palace belonging to the Dogra Dynasty which is also known as Leh Palace. Here you can see antique items those were used by the Royals during their stay along with Mani Wheels, a typical type of Prayer Wheel. These items are preserved in the museum attached to this Royal Palace.

When you decide to pay a visit to the beautiful district of Leh, you get to see Prayer Wheels as soon as you visit the monasteries, schools or any other Tibetan place. Small miniature version of Prayer Wheel is also available in the market and you can purchase them.

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