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Rangdum Gompa in Ladakh

Rangdum Gompa

There are many isolated and small villages in Ladakh, but we just cannot ignore the beauty and importance of these villages. Many such villages in Ladakh consist of beautiful places including monasteries and temples that attract tourists. In the present day these unknown villages are getting explored by travellers. Rangdum Gompa is such a monastery which is beautifully designed and is situated in the small and remote village of Rangdum. Let us travel through the unknown facts about this monastery and the associated village.

About Rangdum in Ladakh

Rangdum is located in an isolated region in the Suru Valley of Ladakh city nearly 12,000 feet above sea level. Rangdum is a beautiful village with one side of it covering with rocky hills and the other side with different colours of mountain. It is a village which is aloof from the entire city of Ladakh. Although the place is beautiful with its natural beauty but the roads leading to Rangdum is not convenient for travellers. Also, there is no facility of electricity, internet or mobile network and this adds to the disadvantage of this village and its sole reason for being isolated.

Foundation of Rangdum Gompa in Ladakh

Rangdum Gompa is the monastery situated in the midst of Suru Valley in Ladakh. It is known from the local people that this monastery was founded by Gelek Yashy Takpa. Rangdum Gompa is a typical example of a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. The exact location of this monastery is Zanskar Velley which is nearly 12,500 feet above sea level. The monastery is nearly 150 km away from Kargil but the road connecting this monastery with Kargil is broken in bits and parts and hence not suitable for travelling.

Rangdum Gompa’s Appearance

The view of the monastery and the view from the monastery leave each traveller with awe. The mixture of the beauty of the snow-capped mountains along with the lush greenery of the valley gives an amazing appearance of the monastery. Another attraction of the monastery is the walls made up of Mani Stones. Mani Stones have certain inscriptions in them. Rangdum Gompa has walls with these stones.

The inscription of the stones says “Om Mani Padme Hum” which means purifying ones heart and soul from negative emotions such as hatred, aggression, jealousy and many more. According to the Buddhist culture, one has to go clockwise in the direction of the earth around the Mani Walls. Apart from this inscription, some of the Mani Stones have the Buddhist symbol, “Mandala” inscribed on them. This makes the Mani Walls different from the other Mani Walls of the other places.

Rangdum Gompa’s Interior

Inside the monastery there is a museum that belongs to the monasteries authority. This museum contains Tibetan antique items. Like every Buddhist monastery there is a central Prayer Hall inside the monastery where the Buddhist monks offer their daily prayers. This Prayer Hall also consists of different statutes which are beautifully engraved and they increase the beauty of the monastery to a higher extend. This monastery serves home to nearly 40 Monks. These Monks survive on the offerings of the village people.

The roads that lead to this monastery are not well maintained and this is a major fault of the monastery. The monastery also lacks any sort of internet, electricity or phone medium to connect to the rest of the world. Although these are some of the major defaults of the monastery, but one can easily ignore these facts for the overwhelming scenic beauty that surrounds this place. People visiting Rangdum Gompa can stay in the monastery where there is a Tourist Complex with rooms and dormitory arrangements.

 People are given these rooms in exchange of some money which goes in the administration of the monastery. Although there is no option for food inside the monastery but food can be arranged from the nearby shops.

Where to Eat near Rangdum Gompa

When one visits Rangdum Gompa there is not much of an option for food. Since it is a remote area there are very less food joints. There is only one Tea Shop which is 4.7 km away from this monastery. People staying in the monastery can dine in this Tea Shop.

How to Reach Rangdum Gompa

The monastery located in the village of Rangdum, Ladakh can be easily accessible from Leh Airport which is just 108 km away from this monastery. There are other means of transport that can lead one to this monastery. Bus services are available frequently and one can easily access bus service from almost anywhere in the Ladakh city.
The faults associated with this place do not make a major difference in case of visiting this place. The scenic beauty is a treat for the travellers and hence when one visits Ladakh Rangdum Gompa is not to be missed at all. Since this place provides an accommodation visitors will get an added advantage and it will be easier for them to ignore the tough roads leading to this monastery.

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