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Riasi Fort in Ladakh

Ladakh offers many special places to be visited apart from the snow capped mountains and attractive monasteries. This place preserves a well some amount of historical heritages of our country. Like many other places Ladakh has many forts and palaces that connect one with different era of rulers and different royal dynasties.

Raisi Fort in Leh

One such fort is the Fort of General Zorawar Singh commonly known as the Riasi Fort. Located in the heart of the city this fort is capable of attracting tourists at a higher level. Let us look how this fort attracts millions of people every day!

History of Riasi Fort

Riasi Fort is also known as General Zorawar’s Fort which is situated in Leh district. The position of this fort is exactly above the Leh Palace and Namgyal Tsemo’s Gompa. Although this fort is devastated yet this is one of the distinguished memorials of Ladakh. This fort is believed to be the treasure account of all the Dogra rulers of Jammu. Dogra dynasty was one of the famous Rajput dynasties in the history of Jammu.

History of Riasi Fort

Riasi Fort of Ladakh is known as General Zorawar’s Fort since the fort is believed to be owned by General Zorawar Singh. Zorawar Singh, a courageous soldier defeated the Chinese and won the battle against them and he started keeping all his wealth in this fort. The tradition and practice of keeping treasure inside this fort by the Dogra rulers continued since then.

Inside Riasi Fort

The fort which was the treasure place for the Dogra rulers is a destroyed place at the present time. Now, the fort contains beautiful collection of coins, and other treasures related to the royal dynasty. There are two beautiful temples placed inside this fort. The most interesting fact about these temples is both of these temples are related to Hindu culture. One of the temples is associated to Goddess Durga while the other one is related to Goddess Kali. There is a spring of water that flows inside the fort giving a spectacular sight for travellers.

At the Riasi Fort

Special Attractions of Riasi Fort

The Riasi Fort’s central attraction is its location. The close proximity of this fort to river Chenab makes it all the more beautiful and attractive. The huge collection of stamps and coins belonging to the Rajput dynasty also catches the attraction of the visitors. People get to know about the famous Dogra dynasty and the items used by them. So far all these were just available in the books of history but now people can get an easy access to these items in this fort. Riasi Fort is an attractive place for tourists even though it is a ruined monument.

Hotels Nearby Riasi Fort

Hotel Munshi Continental located in the Fort Road itself can serve as a comfortable stay to the visitors. The Hotel has attached restaurant and hence dining will not be a problem for tourists staying in the hotel. The restaurant serves Indian, Chinese as well as Continental food and hence travelers get a vast variety of food to choose from during their stay.

View of Riasi Fort

How to reach Riasi Fort

We can reach this fort by trekking from Ladakh city Bazaar which is some km away from Leh Airport. We can also drive a jeep till the entrance of the fort. The station of Jammu is also not too far from this fort and we can also take the option of train for reaching this fort.

This is a historical place and people who love ancient things and past will easily get attracted to this place. There are no perfect timings for visiting this fort. This fort can be visited any time of the year. People having interest in archaeology will be highly attracted to this place. A visit to this fort just cannot be missed at any cost when we visit Ladakh.

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