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Serzang Temple in Leh

Leh and Ladakh, the most promising tourist spot as of today is surrounded with mountains in all its sides. People generally visit Leh knowing about the attractive mountains and monasteries. What people seldom know is the fact that there are many temples and other monuments neighboring this city. The presence of these beautiful temples sometimes steals the show. Serzang Temple is one such example of a well designed temple located in the districts of Leh. Let us see how this temple becomes one of the most beautiful temples of Leh.

Serzang Temple in Leh

History of Serzang Temple

The beautifully designed Serzang Temple resides in the amazing district of Leh. This temple is 40 km from Leh. It is known that Serzang Temple is completely built of gold and copper and is one of the most appreciated places of Leh. This is believed to have come into existence from the 17th century. The temple is situated in an isolated place away from the bustle of the city. The location and the perfect design of the temple attract tourists and devotes from all across the world. It is believed that this temple was constructed by Tibetan King Grags-Pa-Bum in the 17th century.

Inside Serzang Temple

The inside walls of the temple is made up of beautiful paintings that depicts the life story of Lord Buddha. Along with these pictures, the inside walls of the temple has pictures of the famous followers of the temple. The beautifully designed walls of this temple are highly appreciated by people who visit this sacred place. The most interesting scene of this temple is the presence of a 30 feet high idol of Maitreya Buddha.

This idol is enclosed in a glass box which is raised in the ceiling and that can be viewed from the gallery of the temple. The walls of the temple speak about the famous teachings of Buddhism religion. The famous Tibetan Buddhist Manuscript is also present inside the temple and is considered as the holy shrine of the Temple. This manuscript present inside the temple is written in letters of gold, silver and copper and is also known as the Serzang Manuscript. The daily ritual of the temple is to worship this Serzang Manuscript along with the deities present inside the temple.

Places to See near Serzang Temple

Devotes when decides to pay a visit to this temple, also visit the neighbouring places. An attractive spot for tourist near Serzang Temple is Maitreya Temple this is located few metres away from Serzang Temple. This temple also serves as a home for Maitreya Buddha idol. People also visit Chamchung Shrine. This is a small shrine located in Basgo Village of Leh just few metres away from Serzang Temple. This Shrine is the best place for worship among all its surrounding temples as per the local people.

Inside Serzang Temple

Hotels to stay near Serzang Temple

As mentioned earlier, Serzang Temple is located in the small Village named Basgo which is 40 km away from the main city. Since this village is isolated so it does not provide any accommodation facilities. Tourists and devotes who tend to visit this temple prefers staying in Leh and travel to this temple using the cab services. Leh provides many options for people to choose their accommodations. There are many famous five star hotels that assure a comfortable stay to the tourists. Home stays are an important option that can be provided to people who visit Leh. These home stays are a comfortable place and also charges minimum so it is affordable for tourists.

Best Time to Visit Serzang Temple

Leh is famous for its chilly winters and pleasant summers. When one decides to visit Leh during winters then he should be prepared for facing the snow. During winter season Leh is covered with snow capped mountains. Rivers turn into snow and temperature goes down below zero degrees. In this time many areas of Leh cannot be visited due to accumulation of snow. Thus it is said that the best time to visit Leh and Ladakh is between the months of June to September. The temperature during this season varies from 15-30 degrees and hence considered as a pleasant time for a visit. The clear blue sky marks the absence of rain.  A visit to Serzang Temple should not be missed at any cost when you visit Leh and Ladakh.

How to Reach Serzang Temple

Different routes and modes of transport that you can avail to reach Serzang Temple is discussed below in details:

By Air:
There are many flights connecting Leh with other cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and many more. People can choose any flight according to their convenience and can travel to Leh. Leh Airport is just 40-50 km away from Serzang Temple.

By Rail:
Jammu is the nearest railway station that connects Leh with other cities. Leh is nearly 750 km away from Jammu Railway Station. Visitors can avail cars and buses in order to reach Leh from Jammu Railway Station.

By Road: Leh Highway is the only option when you choose to travel to Leh from any other place via road.

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