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Sindhu Darshan in Ladakh

Ladakh hosts several famous festivals throughout the year. The festivals mark the presence of Ladakh’s cultural heritage. Apart from its scenic beauty Ladakh is also famous for hosting these festivals. Sindhu Darshan is one such famous festivals of Ladakh.

Sindhu Darshan Festival in Leh

About Sindhu Darshan

This is a famous festival that takes place in Ladakh. People from all over the world take part in this festival. This festival takes place during Guru Purnima or on a full moon day. Generally it takes place in the months of June. It continues till three days. This festival is popular for attracting tourists and foreign delegates from all over the world. The sole reason behind celebrating this festival is to honour River Sindhu which is also known as River Indus. This river is a sign of peace and communal harmony. Hence in order to tribute this, the festival is celebrated. Another reason behind this festival is to honor those soldiers who dedicate their lives to safe their countrymen.

History of Sindhu Darshan

Mr.Lal Krishna Advani visited Leh in 1995. It is during this time when he re-discovered the River named Sindhu. He discovered the Sindhu River flowing through Ladakh and also found that people were simply not aware of this. Before partition, Sindhis used to worship this river and this spot was a famous pilgrimage destination for Sindhis. He was shocked to find out that in the present day people are not even aware of this place. For this reason he decided to propagate the importance of this river through a festival.

Opening Ceremony of Sindhu Darshan Festival in Leh

The first Sindhu Darshan Festival commenced in December 1997 and Sindhis from all across the world were invited to witness this huge celebration. Later in the year 2000, this festival took a different shape.

Festive Activities of Sindhu Darshan

People from different parts of the world come to Ladakh to witness this magnificent festival. People from all over the world bring water from their respective state rivers in an earthern pot. They immerse these pots into the Sindhu River. When people from all over the world do so then the water from all the rivers get mixed. This signifies the communal harmony of different states. The Ladakh Buddhist Association organise a reception ceremony for all the participants on the very first day of Sindhu Darshan Festival.

Worshiping the Sindhu Ghat

After this, fifty Lamas from all the monasteries of Ladakh assemble together to offer prayers in the Sindhu River. Soon after this cultural events commence. On the second day of the festival, a Puja is organised. On the final day, participants pack their bags to leave. Ladakh is jam packed with participants from all across the world during this festival.

People from all over the world come to witness this festival during the months of June. It will be a lifetime experience if you witness this festival. We hope that our article will help you with all the details and makes it easier for you to travel to Ladakh during Sindhu Darshan Festival.

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