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Tsarap Chu River in Leh

If people mistake Leh as a place only for mountains and monasteries then it will be a great blunder. There are famous rivers flowing through Leh district which one just cannot ignore. You get attracted to the beauty of these rivers once you visit Leh. The activity that surrounds these rivers is all the more exciting for you to pay a visit to these rivers.

Tsarap Chu River

An important river flowing through Leh is Tsarap Chu River which is not only famous for its beauty but also famous for the activities surrounding this river.

About Tsarap Chu River

Tsarap Chu River is the river that is flowing in Zanskar Valley in Leh district and is nearly 180 km in length. This river gives an amazing view to the travellers and attracts people for its scenic beauty. The main attraction of this river is its beauty. A river among the mountains is a blissful sight and this view is captured by people once they decide to take a tour of this river. This river provides an interesting and amazing tourist destination spot as it provides an opportunity for different adventure sports. This invites adventure sport lovers to Tsarap Chu River.

Geography of Tsarap Chu River

The source of this river is the glaciers of the nearby pass named Pankpo La Pass that is located in the border of the two states Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. The river passes through Zanskar Valley after meeting several other rivers from the town and then finally meets the Stod River in Padum, capital of Zanskar Valley.

Geography of Tsarap Chu River

This river flows in the main Zanskar Valley and then approaches the towns of Tichip, Chia, Dorzong and others.

Usefulness of Tsarap Chu River

The presence of Tsarap Chu River in the Zanskar Valley region is very useful since it provides water for the irrigation purpose. People of Zanskar Valley earn their livelihood by farming. The major crops that they farm are barley, wheat and peas. Water is essential for the irrigation of these crops and this water is provided by the Tsarap Chu River. This river is also a popular destination for adventure sports lover since this river provides with an opportunity of rafting and other water body related adventure sports.

River Rafting in Tsarap Chu River

Rafting is a famous form of an adventure sport that is becoming popular nowadays. It is a form of a sport where you need to navigate through the river. Rafts are a special kind of a vehicle that is especially used in River rafting. This helps you to navigate through a river easily. The most important reason behind the popularity of Tsarap Chu River is river rafting. People get an amazing opportunity to practice this form of an adventure sport in this river.

River Rafting at Tsarap Chu River

This river provides an exciting experience to people who want to enjoy river rafting. Along with enjoying river rafting you also get to see the scenic beauty of the entire place. The scenic beauty along with the thrill of river rafting is experienced in Tsarap Chu River.

Best Time to Visit Tsarap Chu River

The most suitable time to take a tour of this region is from the months of April to September. This is the ideal season for tourist since Leh and Ladakh and other associated regions are best in their form during this time. Sometimes even October is an ideal time for the visit. But from late October to early March the entire region is snow capped. Mountains turn into white sheet of snow and rivers turn into ice cubes. The temperature falls to "-" degree Celsius and hence tourists cannot enjoy the view and beauty of this place.

Beauty of Tsarap Chu River

Reach Tsarap Chu River

The only way that connects this place via air is the Leh Airport. Leh Airport is 255 km away from this river. Jammu Railway Station is the nearby railway station that leads to the Tsarap Chu River. Bus service is also available from different parts of Leh and Ladakh that can help one reach this river.

The main reason why this river attracts people to a great extend is adventure sports and other thrilling water activities associated with Tsarap Chu River. A person who love sports and wants a thrilling experience, Tsarap Chu River is definitely a place for them. You can just easily enjoy a campaigning near this water body.

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