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Yak Safari in Ladakh

The Yak Safari in Ladakh is an experience that is unforgettable. Riding a Yak is super comfortable because of its wide girth and bulky shaggy body. These animals are exotic and are only found in select locations like Ladakh. The Yak will maneuver its way through the craggy terrain of Ladakh and will offer you breathtaking views of lakes, mountain ranges and gorgeous ravines. 

During Yak Safari

This majestic animal makes for a gentle unassuming tour guide which will touch your heart. Yak Safari in Ladakh is fully supported and encouraged by Ladakh tourism department.

Reasons to go for Yak Safari in Ladakh

Largest animal of Ladakh is wild ox or Yak and it was first described by a naturalist from Russia called N.M. Przewalski. The Yak is the single biggest animal in the desert land of Ladakh. The height of this huge animal is nearly 6 feet while it has an average weight of more than 1000 kg. The Yak is well protected by a coat of thick black hair and can easily survive the fierce blizzards which plague Ladakh. The Yak’s natural habitat is at a terrain which is above 6000 meters and during the fiercer winter months it migrates to lakes, valleys and marshes.

About Yak Safari

Yak is used as a load carrier, milk, wool and meat provider as well as dung provider to the local people of Ladakh. The curved and long horns of this animal might make it seem like a fierce animal but in reality it is gentle and docile. Feed the Yak you meet with a few pieces of bread or biscuits and see for yourself!

Things Not to Do on Yak Safari

Never do uthe following things on a Yak Safari as you might end up irritating the animal and endangering yorself. Once irritated the animal might forget its meek exterior and hospitality and assume possession of its full strength.

Yak Safari in Leh

  • Don’t feed anything to Yak without prior permission of Yak guide
  • Don’t pinch or pull the hairy coat of Yak or torture it in any way
  • Don’t try beating Yak with stick to increase its speed and let the Yak guide do the needful
  • Don’t change the position of the saddle on the back of the Yak

Price, Availability and Pre-Bookings for Yak Safari

Zangsti Main Market in Leh is the best place to look for if you want to go an extended Yak Safari to various points in Ladakh. The rate per hour of Ladakh Yak Safari is INR 150 to INR 400. The rates may vary according to the service provider of the Yak service. The typical tourist Yak Safari duration is between 2-3 hours. The best time for going on Yak Safari is between 9.00 A.M to 7.00 P.M. Yaks have poor eyesight and are not able to find their way easily in the dark. If you book a Yak Safari in Leh then visit the Leh Palace, Monastery Thiksey, Monastery Phyang and Monastery Phyang on the back of a Yak. It will be an unforgettable experience.

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